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Grade 4

The grade four program will help you and your child understand the connections between math topics and the world around you. The activities strengthen the understanding of concepts and promote their application.

Everything Included:

  • Grade 4 Resources Books
  • Dominoes
  • Ruler
  • Playing Cards
  • Dice
  • Calaculator
Grade 4 Resource Books are supplied for both children and adults providing a year's worth of material and enrichment problems and clear explanations of each solution.
Videos are available to registered customers and provide additional support for using the program and all of its components.
Dominoes are used at each grade level to generate whole numbers, fractions, and decimals to be used in numerous problems.
Playing Cards are used to generate numbers for calculations, and to predict probabilities of events.
Ruler is used to demonstrate linear measure, to find fractional parts of inches, and to estimate and calculate lengths.
Dice are used in generating numbers for calculations, fractions, and ratios. A 6-sided cube with numbers instead of dots is used to help the younger child in generating numbers.
Calculator is used to check answers and to solve equations.

Skills Covered:

Numbers and Operations

  • Representing numbers in various forms
  • Identifying place value
  • Reading and computing with large numbers
  • Estimation
  • Rounding by different methods
  • Exploring methods of multiplication and division
  • Benchmarking fractions
  • Understanding decimals
  • >Making number line calculations


  • Identifying number patterns
  • Making greater than and less than comparisons
  • Sorting Numbers
  • Working with nets and maps
  • Creating algebraic expressions from word phrases
  • Solving equations using input/output tables
  • Evaluating expressions


  • Identify angles given the definitions
  • Identifying rays, lines, and line segments
  • Constructing geometric figures
  • Finding the area and perimeter of regular and irregular shapes
  • Understanding ordered pairs and the coordinate system
  • Recognizing congruency and similarity
  • Understanding Symmetry
  • Flipping, sliding, and turning figures


  • Calculating elapsed time
  • Working with approximate time
  • with a ruler to the 1/8 inch
  • Enlarging and shrinking shapes
  • Measuring objects using linear units
  • Understanding and comparing liquid measures
  • Finding mean, median, mode, and range using data sets

Data Analysis and Probability

  • Constructing and interpreting: pictographs, line plots, tally charts, line graphs, and stem and leaf plots
  • Predicting the probability of an event
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