Think, Explain, and Write Mathematically!

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  • Family Friendly
  • Based on National Math Standards
  • Engages Multiple Learning Styles
  • Clear Explanations to Interesting Problems
  • Resource Guides for Adults
  • Resource Guides for Children
  • Materials for an Entire Year
  • More Affordable Than Tutoring
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“GoFigure gave me everything I needed to help my children finally ‘get’ math.”

— Gina H.
Yardley, PA


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An Introduction to the Program!




About MathShapes: go figure!

Through the MathShapes: go figure! program, we hope to establish an appreciation and better understanding of mathematics for both adults and children.

Learn more about MathShapes: go figure!’ mission and the team who developed the program based on NCTM standards. Visit NCTM for more information on the standards.

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